Stefan McClure

#21 Stefen McClure
School – California
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 205
Hometown – Vista, CA
Position: Safety

Twitter: @StefanMcClure21

1) Describe your background/upbringing.
I was raised in a very athletic family by two exceptionally athletic parents who went to UNLV. My mom Zina Harris – McClure played basketball and my dad Alfred McClure ran track and field at UNLV. My whole life growing up I’ve always played sports basketball, baseball, football and track and field in high school. I have 4 sisters one older and three younger. Tyne, Patricia, Chloe, Carlie.

2) Most important lesson learned from upbringing that led to success in college football?
The most important lesson that i have learned from my up bring is being disciplined and responsible for your action and work hard for the things you want has led to my success in football.

3) Describe something you learned from your coach that translates to the pro game?
One thing I have learned from my coach that translates to the pro game is how to study film and look for tendencies and keys in the offense.

4) Elaborate on the time in college with the most adversity (on or off the field) and how it made you better?
A time where I faced my most adversity that made me better today was overcoming a torn ACL and MCL in the last game of my freshmen year.

5) Do you believe that your college program is better compared to your first day on campus? Why?
Yes I believe my college is better compared to when I first go on campus because of the culture my class helped build there.

6) Who have you played with in college that is now in the NFL? What have you learned from him? Describe your relationship with him?
Keenan Allan Wr Chargers, have learned how to take advantage of the opportunities that you get to make plays and play every snap hard. friends. Steve Williams about playing the game fast and always competing friends. Mychal Kendricks relentless motor and nose for the football, friend.

7) What is your strongest tangible trait?
Strongest tangible trait is my strength and ability to bring guys down in open field one on one.

3 time team captain.
2015 Honorable mention