Aaron is dedicated to getting everything his athletes need. My experience with him has been great, our relationship is more than just player-agent, it is a genuine friendship.
— Stefan McClure
When it comes to Aaron and Uso Sports, the words that come to mind for me are authentic and genuine. The love and effort put forth by the Uso Sports team is undeniable, in my opinion. Aaron and the team really attempt to create a bond that goes beyond football and you can’t fake that.
— Ray Bolden
Aaron and the Uso Sports family made it possible!
— Will House
USO Sports has been a great partnership in working together to help me achieve my biggest dreams of playing in the NFL. They have worked hard in my best interests and have made everything possible to be where I am at right now.
— Stefan McClure

I like it very much. I like how they treat us like family and how much they care for the players. Also, the help that they provide for us really shows their genuine love for their athletes. It is also great with the connections they have to be able to put us in the best situations for the best opportunities to make it.
— Siosifa Tufunga

Aaron is great. The process is a long one and I trust he’s doing all he can to help me and everyone else he’s working with. I’m thankful for USO Sports helping me further my dreams of playing football.
— Ofisa Kose

I feel that Aaron possess great communication skills, and has kept me very informed throughout the entire process thus far. I also feel that Aaron has helped me see the potential in myself, and has helped me stay focused and positive throughout this journey.
— Justin Taimatuia

The first time I talked to Aaron was the moment I knew I wanted him to be my agent very bad. Everything he talked about seemed reliable, straightforward and articulate to my knowledge. I was sold right away as he continued to talk to me about where I stood after the season and where I can be if I worked harder than I ever did in my life for pro day. I feel USO Sports connects with me on a personal level because I feel that Aaron knows the struggle of Polynesians on the rock. Not only that I feel that he knows what our families go through so he does his best to get us where we want to be in order to support them. All in all, I am glad I met him and have this mutual relationship with him because he knows of my capabilities and where I can go with them. Aaron Gordon is the MAN!
— Sonny Sanitoa